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Date : 2nd August 2020

“The Transdisciplinary Studio”, Alex Coles, ISBN: 9781934105962

“Novacene: The Coming Age of Hyperintelligence”, James Lovelock, ISBN: 024139936X

“Letter from a Region in My Mind”, James Baldwin, New Yorker November 17 1962 issue “Reflections”, 

“FOVO: A new 3D rendering technique based on human vision”, Robert Pepperell 05/27/20 

“Live Simulations” Ian Cheng, ISBN: 3959050151

“Chelsea in Active Worlds”, Cargo Collective , 

“Generating High-Resolution Fashion Model Images Wearing Custom Outfits”, G ̈okhan Yildirim, Nikolay Jetchev, Roland Vollgraf, Urs Bergmann , Zalando Research, 

“Virtual reality in neuroscience research and therapy”, Corey Bohil, Bradley Alicea, Frank Biocca, 

“The Treasury’s tweet shows slavery is still misunderstood”, David Olusoga, 

“Kafka’s Jovial side revealed”, Kate Connolly, 

“Facial recognition can’t tell black and brown people apart – but the police are using it anyway”, Moya Lothian McLean, 

“Perlin Noise – The Nature of Code”, The Coding Train, 

“How we visualise viruses”, Chris Mugan, 

“I built a brain decoder”, Rose Eveleth, 

“Crochet Coral Reef”,  Margaret Wertheim, 

“Technomancy” James Paige,
“Duty Free Art: Art in the Age of Planetary Civil War”, Hito Steyerl, ISBN: 1786632438

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