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Date : 9th January 2020

As part of a practice that lies in conjunction with new media art or 3D modeling projects, heightmaps are commonplace. Generally used for elevation modeling, heightmaps are made up of a single digital channel, being read as displacement from the ‘floor’. Black pixels represent minimum height and white pixels represent maximum. This visual data can be used in different ways and in 3D design is generally used to generate bump maps, a texture for rendering physically realistic shadows. However, with this series of works the visual data was used for a slightly different purpose.

The height maps, in the form of their grayscale digital images were edited in photoshop to alter the pixel color values, altering the elevation data while retaining the composition of the terrain. Placed in an external program designed solely to render heightmaps as 3D models or images, the alternative versions of real landscape data were rendered. As a result, these works could be considered to be landscape data abstraction or glitching. 

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