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Date : 9th January 2020

The Exposure series was a detour into rapid image generation in conjunction with image over-saturation present in an internet-integrated lifestyle. They were created using the digital double exposure technique present in various photo and image editors on the phone and computer. Beginning with a base photo, a second photo was double exposed on top and saved. A third was double exposed on the first pair, and so on and so forth until collages of abstraction were achieved. The saturation and contrasts were balanced accordingly into the compositions in this series.

The question stands- do these images lack criticality? Many argue that all of an artists works are a cumulative result of their research, practice and experience and that the works could not arise without training and output, whether successful or failures. If criticality comes from research, practice, being informed and manifesting this training into coherent and relevant works, then the criticality of this series is quite debatable.

The absentmindedness of the technique could either be considered lazy or deliberate- the spontaneous and nigh-random generation of the visuals is symptomatic of the era, in that media generation has reached an almost thoughtless, chaotic state that essentially perpetuates itself once it is posted. However, the randomness and spontaneity could also be viewed as the critical notion of the work. In this case, it is left up to the viewer.

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